Avail Knowledge to Perform Memory Card Recovery

These days Digital camera is of great demand this is mainly because of its advanced and powerful features. This makes the camera more demanding, so for this one memory card is used in camera in order to store the photos or video. But in many situation this happens that the stored photos or videos  either becomes inaccessible or gets deleted, and due to this reason user start searching for better way to resolve the problem and then also to recover the photos that have got deleted. In this situation one must not get panic rather stop using the system or memory card further.

This is because doing this will overwrite the space and after that it becomes difficult for the user to recover the data that have got deleted. So to recover the data safely one would have to at first find out the reason that is responsible for the loss of photos. Doing this it becomes easy for the user to recover the data that have got deleted.


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Some possible reason of photo loss from memory card or hard disk are discussed below:

  • Virus invasion
  • hardware/software malfunctioning
  • read or write problem
  • improper system shut down
  • pulling out memory card while it was in use
  • sudden battery down while camera were in use

So in this situation entire photo becomes inaccessible or worst happens when entire photos gets deleted. The need of the user is to restore the photos with the help of updated backup. But in many situation backup is not available so in that case it becomes important for the user to try something else. So accordingly user would have to format the memory card or hard drive. After this entire problem like corruption or error message gets resolved. But entire data also gets deleted.

So for this one would have to use third party photo recovery software, the software has powerful algorithm that performs advanced scanning of the hard disk or memory card and the recovery becomes possible.


Step 1: Launch Application

Step 2: Now Select media for recovery. In this step you can search for photo, music and video files. Start scan


Step 3: After scanning , it show the preview of recovered files.


Step 4: This will help you to select the specific region of selected media.


Step 5: Select the specific file type


Step 6: Through this method you can create image sector by sector of selcted media.


Step 7: Select the range


Step 8: Resume recovery from the last saved scan


Step 9: Saved the recovered file at your specified location.

For Windows


For Mac